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Modern Day German Romanticism Captured One Photo at a Time

Check out these supernatural projections in the photography of Gabriel Isak.
November 8, 2015, 1:00pm
All images courtesy the artist

What does the internal world of solitary people look like? Swedish Photographer Gabriel Isak has been working on a collection of existential images that attempt to depict the varied unconscious states and human conditions.

Isak tells The Creators Project the work he makes is inspired by the years he spent battling depression. In an Instagram post, Isak writes about how his craft and process helped him cope with his own mental strife, “Photography allowed me to escape into a different world, one which I was creating, a place and a story that was lead by me, not that I was led by.”

Isak has a unique ability to generate intensely visceral imagery through a stripped down, minimalist style. In his photographs, Isak has created an ominous surreal environment, reminiscent of the German Romanticism movement; Landscape paintings that held the tension between the daily world and the supernatural.

These melancholic images illustrate human experiences, inspired by the "inner world of dreams and psychology," that Isak hopes will compel the viewer to reflect on their own mental standing.

 Learn more about Gabriel Isak by clicking here.


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