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Tasmanian Surfers Get the Aerial Drone Treatment

Aerial surf videos are the best antidote to a winter that's worn out its welcome.
January 15, 2015, 9:30pm
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I'm from San Diego, truly a sunny beachside paradise, yet somehow as a kid I missed the bus when it came to surfing. Maybe the idea of getting pounded into a tidepool by several tons of crushing water never appealed to 10-year-old me, but these days the amazing footage coming from drone enthusiasts occupying the world's sandy white beaches and golden coasts gives me a little ping of regret. Take, for example, Tasmanian photographer Stu Gibson's I like to fly, a delightful short compiling his best drone footage of seafaring sportsmen throughout 2014. Gibson calls his airborne camera his "pet drone," and captures crushing waves and shredding surfers that make my inner Californian ache. Check out the soaring surf video above to get a taste of why Gibson says, "it's hard to be away from the coast for too long."

Visit Gibson's website to immerse yourself in more bone-warming surfing videos.


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