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Rainbow Origami Paints the World with Color

Enter the 'Rainbow Mutant Nation' of Mademoiselle Maurice at an upcoming gallery show in Paris.
February 25, 2016, 7:25pm
Madmoiselle Maurice, Corsica, 2015. Images courtesy Galerie Mathgoth

Under the pseudonym Mademoiselle Maurice, a 29-year-old French artist splatters buildings, museums, and public spaces with colorful explosions of folded paper. On March 3, she opens a new show at Paris' Galerie Mathgoth, exploring ideas of birth and infinity with her trademark knack for manipulating negative space with the full power of the color spectrum. The show, which opens March 11, is titled Rainbow Mutant Nation.


Inspired by time spent in Japan and the story of Sadako's 1,000 paper cranes, said to grant one wish, Mademoiselle Maurice makes massive paper murals on landmarks all over the world, most recently the Porto Vecchio castle in Corsica. Twisting across their respective surfaces like spider webs or spiral galaxies, her murals often focus around a singular shape illustrated in the negative space. Framed by her vibrant paper sculptures, the spectacle is something to behold.

Mademoiselle Maurice's new works at Galerie Mathgoth are entitled Genesis and Life. Check them out, along with some of her previous works, below.

Mademoiselle Maurice, Life, 2016

Mademoiselle Maurice, Paris, 2012

Mademoiselle Maurice, San Fransisco, 2014

Mademoiselle Maurice, Genesis, 2016

See more of Mademoiselle Maurice's work on her website. Rainbow Mutant Nation opens at Galerie Mathgoth on March 11, 2016.


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