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Never Pose Alone Again with the Optical Illusion Selfie Stick

Someone give this to Akon.
June 1, 2015, 10:16pm
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You'll always have a buddy when Instagramming if you snap one of these cardboard sheets to your selfie stick. Dubbed Memento Mori, Pablo Garcia's line of snap-on anamorphic illusions create a pixelated skull (referencing the ancient Roman practice of keeping one around to remind them of their own mortality) to float nearby in all your selfies. If skulls aren't your thing—eat your heart out Alexander McQueen—Garcia has also made a thumbs up, kissy face, party popper, and poop emoji add-ons for the device.


"Derided as 'solipsistick' and the epitome of narcissism, perhaps the selfie stick needs an accessory to rein in runaway vainglory. Or maybe just a way to add emoji to your selfies," he suggests in the project description. See all of his eye-tricking artworks and watch a video explanation of Memento Mori below.

See more of Pablo Garcia's work on his website.


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