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Star Wars Stamps Invade the British Postal Service

Send your mail to a galaxy far, far away.
September 16, 2015, 3:00pm
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The English sure love writing letters. For proof, look no further than Agatha Christie—no investigation is complete without a pivotal missive changing the whole plot. One could also mention the fact the British Empire ruled the five oceans and needed a good way to know what was going on in the Commonwealth. In terms of philately, English stamps are among the most sought after. And since they're running out of paradisiacal island themes, our friends across the pond are finding their stamp inspirations in other spheres.


Recently, the Royal Mail has made ​​the sale of stamps bearing the likenesses of characters from Star Wars. The Creator of this series, Malcolm Tween, from agency Digital Progression. Included in the set are the classic Darth Vader, Luke, R2-D2, and Chewbacca, but also new BB-8 or Kylo Ren. There are 12 stamps per sheet. Catch them all.

Purchase your own Star Wars stamps on the Royal Mail Website.

This article originally appeared on The Creators Project France.


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