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Buddy Hield's First Bucket Was as Disgusting as You Wanted It To Be

A step-back three that'll make you ask for your shoes back.
April 2, 2016, 10:45pm

I know; you were worried—worried that the Buddy Hield hype train had hit the air brakes, and that there was no way he could live up to your expectations in today's huge Final Four matchup against Villanova. Well, just calm down for a minute, because here he is, starting off the game in tremendous fashion.

The Bahama-born Hield started off running, shaking defender Ryan Arcidiacono out of his socks, and throwing a quick, step-back three right in his face for a triumphant three. Villanova has taken an early lead in the first half, going more than 10 points north of Oklahoma. But here we are again, expecting miracles from Oklahoma. Let's just wait and see if your old Buddy can deliver.


This happened, which is nice!

Buuuuut we're going into the second half with Villanova up 42-28—the most Oklahoma has been down at the half all season. Not looking great for the Sooners.