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Wish's New Video Is a Kaleidoscopic Dreamscape that Will Muddle your Brain

Zeljko McMullen's latest video from the New York producer's recently released LP, 'Infinite Orchards'.
February 11, 2016, 9:25pm
Album art courtesy of Perfect Wave

As we've previously reported, Zeljko McMullen, aka Wish, released his long-awaited debut LP Infinite Orchards late last year on Perfect Wave. The New York-based producer and artist whose work is heavily influenced by his interest in mysticism, shared a music video today from the album's "Life's a Dream" track.

A record five years in the making, Infinite Orchards sounds like a playful pastiche of lo-fi dance music from the last five years. This aesthetic seeps into McMullen's music videos, which showcase color saturated kaleidoscopic imagery. "Life's a Dream," the second video cut from the album after "All That You Want Is Yours," is also given over to this treatment: McMullen and another unknown presence are almost completely washed out by director George Blankenhorn's lighting effects. "All of time standing still / life's a dream, nothing's real" McMullen sings in hushed and contained voice, as he sets his hair on fire with a candle. It's the only clear image in the video, and to make a point that nothing truly is real, with a wave of his hand, the fire disappears. Watch it below.