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​Five People Arrested by Undercover Cops at a HyperGlow Rave in Pennsylvania

The Monroe County Drug Task Force raided the party on suspicion it was connected with drug taking.
Image courtesy of DJ BL3END

Undercover police arrested five people at a HyperGlow rave in Pennsylvania on Saturday following a raid on the party, according to local authorities.

The Monroe County Drug Task Force released a statement today saying detectives raided the event, held in Sherman Theater in the Poconos town of Stroudsburg, because they believed it to be connected with drug-related crimes and violence.

"Rave parties like HyperGlow are known for the use of Ecstasy to enhance the experience as well as marijuana, cocaine, and molly," the statement said.


The undercover officers went to the HyperGlow event and blended in with the crowd, with the ultimate goal of buying drugs.

Operation by county detectives, — Monroe County D.A. (@MonroeCountyDA)February 29, 2016

Two people, Nicholas Smith, 22, and Diego Morales, 22, were arrested for selling the officers marijuana. Two other people, Candice Vandever, 23, and Ryan Bitler, 25, were arrested for possessing methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. And a fifth person, Dax Pradarits, 19, was arrested for underage drinking, according to police authorities.

DJ BL3ND, the EDM artist headlining the night, told THUMP he was unaware at the time that the arrests had been made. "EDM is about unity and a chance to let go of our daily routines. Not of drugs and violence, " he said. "I can only hope for the safety of all those that have attended. I was unaware that this was going on."

The arrests follow an ongoing connection made by local authorities across the US linking drug use and rave accessories, including glowsticks and LED gloves.

HyperGlow tweeted yesterday a picture of the event thanking Stroudsburg for a wild night.

Last night was wilddd STROUDSBURG PA!!! Thank You! Until Next Time… — Hyperglow Tour (@HyperglowTour)February 28, 2016

HyperGlow did not respond to THUMP's request for comment.