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EDM Is Getting its First TV Channel

EDMtv will debut on Monday during Miami Music Week.
Image courtesy of the network

This Monday, as part of Miami Music Week, DirectTV will debut a new television network. Instead of the usual affair of sit-com, drama, or news shows, however, this channel will be of, for, and about dance music.

According to Beatport, EDMtv will be the first television network entirely dedicated to the dance genre and will feature "scripted shows, documentaries, broadcast news, event coverage, and 3D festival streaming."

"The music is just the start," said the network's founder Matt Bolton in a released statement. "The people, the places, the deals, the real stories that are alive in the scene is what we're after. We want to incubate, stimulate and dedicate ourselves to this task. It really is an honor to become the first network ever to do content that is specific to electronic music and the culture it nourishes."

Bolton estimates that EDMtv will reach over 21 million households worldwide.

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