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Tim Hecker Shares a Transcendent, Viscous New Track from His Forthcoming Album

'Love Streams' will be the artist's eighth album—it is out April 8.
March 30, 2016, 6:22pm
Album art courtesy of the label

Canadian artist, Tim Hecker, shared a depressive and transcendent new track from his forthcoming LP, Love Streams today. "Black Phase" prominently features Hecker improvising on what appears to be a distorted synth or electric piano, set against an almost viscous but uncluttered choral arrangement.

He plays mostly in sustained, slowly-evolving gestures, and towards the end his performance becomes a little more furtive and unsettled, punctuating the bleak fog of the track with a sense of agitation. The vocals are provided by the Icelandic Choir Ensemble, whose vocal arrangements were scored by the also-Icelandic Sicario composer Jóhann Jóhannsson.


Previously released album track "Castrati Stack" had its fluorescent synth

See the minimalist, oneiric visual for the flourescent synths of album track "Castrati Stack," and learn the background of the making of Love Streams—which will be the artist's eighth album in total and his first for 4AD.

Love Streams is out on April 8.

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