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DJ Shadow's New Video Is a High-Definition Interstellar Journey

Josh Davis has shared the video for the ruminative title track of his forthcoming album, 'The Mountain Will Fall.'

Seasoned beatmaker DJ Shadow has shared a cosmically-themed music video for his new single, "The Mountain Will Fall," the title track off of his forthcoming album. It follows a collaborative single with beloved hip-hop duo Run The Jewels called "Nobody Speak," as well as "Swerve," a track the producer born Josh Davis referred to as a "nifty little battle weapon" that will see release as an iTunes bonus track.


In this Territory Studio-created, Marti Romances-directed video, the glossy, ruminative track soundtracks a lone astronaut's interstellar journey through what feels like a boundless segment of space. In a press release, Romances said "the peaceful and long momentum of the song inspired us to create something very unanimated and mysterious. The part we like the most is where we see the astronaut being shot into hyperspace and then we see that being part of that cosmic constellation at the end."

The Mountain Will Fall will be released by NYC's Mass Appeal Records on June 24. The album will be his first since 2011's The Less You Know, The Better, and an archival compilation released the following year called Total Breakdown: Hidden Transmissions From The MPC Era, 1992-1996.

Last year, Davis linked up with West Coast upstart G Jones to knock out a debut mix as Nite School Klik, exploring an intergenerational history of bass.

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