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Get Acquainted with Manchester's Finest, Prime Numbers

Prime Numbers label boss Trus'me gives us a peek into his lab.
February 27, 2014, 10:48pm

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Name: Prime Numbers
Vibe: Six hours into a set of deep house and soulful techno with no intentions of winding down any time soon.
Founded: 2007
Location: Manchester, England
Claim to Fame: Prime Numbers has released records from big names like Actress, but perhaps it's most known as the label run by Trus'me.
Upcoming Releases: Its most recent offering, a package with remixes from Marcelus and Skudge, dropped this month.
By the Numbers: Trus'me's outpost has pressed around 40 EPs, albums, and mixed CDs over the span of the last six years.


What's the deal?
Mancunian producer Trus'me cut his teeth on the Stilove4music and Fat City record labels. His early hits—"Nards" and "W.A.R. Dub," which got radio play from BBC's Benji B and Gilles Peterson when they dropped some six or seven years ago—encapsulate the style he has honed with the output of his own label, Prime Numbers. The more straightforward elements, like deep kicks and hi-hats as snappy as a whip cracked against wet pavement, are often offset by walking basslines or gossamer vocals, which adds a touch of class and idiosyncratic soul to a tried and true formula.

Explain the name.
"The Name Prime Numbers was derived from my favorite mix series at the time, 'Odd Numbers' by the infamous Eyes Down night here in Manchester. The night took in all kinds of music, from Brazil to jazz and techno. Somehow the boys Jon and Kelvin would meld together a coherent night of music, where essentially they would just play, in their words, 'prime cuts'. So there, you now know both my main inspiration as a DJ and my ethos for the label selecting only Prime Numbers. Later we played around with the word 'prime' in a mathematical sense for each release."

What's the scene like in Manchester?
"The expression 'the grass is always greener' comes to mind when I'm asked this question. Even though I reside in Manchester, I very rarely play here, as fellow Mancunians usually look for inspiration overseas. Nevertheless, I do know that the scene is healthy in the Rainy City with lots of fresh talent like Demdike Stare and labels like MEANDYOU to watch out for."

What other labels are you into right now, besides Prime Numbers?
"Mancunian-based label Modern Love as well as many Dutch labels, such as Delsin, Creme Organisation, Dekmantel are what I follow. Though, these days, lots of acts seem to release sporadically across various labels. So I find it's best to follow artists and even the record shops I trust, to be in the loop. My favorite shops are Boomkat, Clone, and Hardwax."