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Clubs in Ibiza Have Been Slammed With a 6:30AM Curfew

The island's governing council has also threatened increased penalties to clubs found in violation of their license.

The conflict between party tourists and authorities came to a head in Ibiza yesterday, when the local governing body announced new closing times for bars and club across the island.

Larger nightclubs will be subject to a 6:30 AM curfew for the 2016 season, while the smaller music venues and bars will be forced to close at 5 AM. Beach clubs will shut down at midnight.

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Amnesia, one of the island's most iconic nightclubs, notably butted heads with island authorities on multiple occasions this summer over closing hours, El Diario de Ibiza reports. Following that incident, Council Vice President Viviana de Sans said she hopes to "toughen fines" for establishments that allow partying past curfew, hoping to do away with "the impunity that has ruled until now."

The 6:30 AM curfew seems to be the latest episode in the local government's ongoing effort to reign in the White Isle's notorious party culture, and the new sanctions' effect on the island's many famous clubs remains to be seen.