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​Zimmer's "Coming of Age" EP Realizes His Dreamy House Vision

and watch the exclusive 'Making of' the Parisian/Angeleno DJ's debut EP.

Zipping between lives in Paris and Los Angeles, Zimmer has earned a reputation as a DJ whose self-styled "horizontal disco" brings layers of emotive depth to slick, house-driven feel-good vibes. After years spent focusing on DJ work, mixtapes and sleepily triumphant remixes of everyone from MØ to Moullinex, Zimmer switched focus to producing and bucklied down to put together a release of original tunes.


"Coming from a DJ background, it took a while to feel comfortable producing and to eventually become more of a songwriter," Zimmer tells THUMP. "So I took a bit of time to experiment, try new things, and that EP is the result of that work."


Coming of Age

EP is officially released tomorrow, but we've got the exclusive stream below:

"This EP is about the sound I always wanted to achieve. Dreamy house is really what I like to call it the most," says Zimmer. "However, I do feel that it covers different styles. "Heartbreak Reputation" is slow but with a strong groove, "Escape" is a fun blend of house and pop, "Moonrise" is super dreamy while "We Are Infinite" almost sounds indie."

Zimmer's command of the release's aesthetic included the visual element. He explains, "For the cover I wanted something that resembled the sound of the EP. I'm fascinated with panoramas and mountains, so I liked the idea of standing on top of a hill. Color wise it's about warmth. The composition is very simple, almost minimal because that's what I try to do with music. It's about having one strong idea or melody that sticks out. And finally I love the sun as a symbol. You almost can't tell if it's the moon or some other planet. I love that mysterious side."

Watch the Making of Zimmer's Coming of Age:

For those taken by Zimmer's productions––keep an ear out. "I actually enjoy writing my own music more than ever," he says. "I'm even starting to consider working on an album and a live show."

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Coming of Age tour dates:
07.18 - Buiten Westen Festival - Amsterdam
07.25 - Mezzanine - San Francisco
07.31 - Concorde Atlantique - Paris
08.01 - Crossover Festival - Villefranche s/ Mer
08.13 - Izumi - Dhaka
08.14 - Parc 19 - Jakarta
08.15 - Rui Lounge - Surabaya
08.16 - Woobar - Bali
08.30 - Ecstatic Open Air - Antwerp
09.04 - Acontralluz Festival - Marseille
09.05 - Pleinvrees Heroes Festival - Amsterdam
09.11 - Newspeak - Montreal
09.12 - U Street Music Hall - Washington DC
09.16 - Apt 2000 - Toronto
09.17 - Verboten - New York
09.18 - Wonder Bar - Boston
09.19 - TBD Festival - Sacramento
09.23 - La Cave - Costa Mesa
09.24 - Sound - Hollywood
09.25 - Eos Lounge - Santa Barbara
|09.26 - Alexander - Vancouver
10.01 - The Mid - Chicago
10.02 - Bar Standard - Denver
10.03 - Kingdom - Austin
10.07 - Kin Kin - Guadalajara
10.08 - TBA - Monterrey
10.09 - Rhodesia Historico - Queretaro
10.10 - Club Social Rhodesia - Mexico City
10.29 - Iboat - Bordeaux
10.31 - Magazine - Lille
11.20 - Bikini - Toulouse