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Delicate Paper Calligraphy Showcases a Cheerful Alphabet

Find your paper-cut initials in Sabeena Karnik’s delicate typeface and calligraphy pieces.
Artwork created for the USA Olympics swimming trails 2016. All images corutesy the artist

For the last 10 years, Sabeena Karnik has worked in the paper medium, pushing its boundaries and experimenting with its different capacities and styles. It wasn’t until a few years ago that the artist stumbled upon a game-changing development: expressing her artistic voice through paper and typography.

In undulating forms that materialize into jumping paisley prints and bloom-like swirls, Karnik creates static paper sculptures with whimsical energy. Her spirited 3D pieces have caught the eye of big companies like Instagram, who have approached the artist to create commissioned pieces. Her works often focus on a single letter rooted on a base, followed by thoughtful decoration with symbolic and associated imagery to complete the full sculpture.


“Paper is the most fascinating medium to work with, and it has the most unique quality of memory,” Karnik tells The Creators Project. “It remembers how it is moulded and retains its shape; my work is essentially based on this basic principle.” Check out more of Karnik's work below:

Piece created for VIPStyle Magazine

Piece created for the USA Olympics swimming trails 2016

Piece created for JORD watches

To explore more paper artwork from Sabeena Karnik, visit her Instagram page and her online shop on here.

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