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Get Down and Listen to the "Unpredictable" New Dancefloor Killer by VNCHY

The new track from the Toronto rapper keeps you on your feet in several different ways.

VNCHY is one of the more mysteriously presented figures in the already oblique Toronto rap scene. His project names look like malformed data files and the music within is fragmented and shadowy. EMINENT: 002A_0316 is the name of his upcoming EP, and today we have a new single from that tape entitled "Unpredictable."

True to its name, the song takes a stylistic left turn from VNCHY's usual work with a funky, bleeping house-indebted beat by Bijan Amir. It's appropriately flirty in its subject matter but that good old Toronto heaviness rears its head with a 180-degree shift to half-time trap on the chorus. The song keeps you on your feet, whether they're dancing or struggling to keep up with the changes. Stream "Unpredictable" below and read on for our interview with VNCHY.


Noisey: "Unpredictable" isn't really much of a rap record. Can you tell me about how you reached the dance feel of this song?
VNCHY: Dancing has always been a big part of my culture so naturally, it seeped into my music. Although I've showcased my ability to rap, there are many more dimensions to my brand that I've yet to market.

Why is the song called "Unpredictable"?
Due to the heavy saturation of information in today's society, a lot of relationships have taken a dull turn. It's the unpredictability we seek in our significant others that keeps the flame burning, for without that there would be no point.

How do you personally aim to be unpredictable?
The element of surprise has always been of incredible value to me. Maintaining one's rarity and ensuring that every move made is precise goes a very long way. The final target may be predictable, but the method and means are forever a mystery.

What other experiments do you have planned?
I have many skills that I'm slowly beginning to reveal to the world, and many industries I plan on venturing into. However, all this information has to be spoon-fed to the public and strategically organized. At the current moment, Eminent is a progressive milestone towards the completion of [my] brand.

Phil Witmer is a Noisey Canada staff writer. Follow him on Twitter.