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Stop All the Clocks, Fat White Family's New Single Is Massive

"Breaking Into Aldi" was written with Sean Lennon and that bloke from the Black Lips, and is a prerequisite to ram-raiding a supermarket.

Look at them, leering into the camera. You know them, we love them; they're yours, they're ours, it's the glorious and special group known as the Fat White Family and they're back again with brand new track "Breaking Into Aldi." When a band reaches the recording process for their third record (which is where the Fat White Family are currently at) things usually start to stagnate. How can a new sound be created? What territory will they sink into next? Is there anything left to create?


Thankfully, that's not the case here. The Fat White's first record sounded like a gloomy, swirling concotion that took influence from the Cramps and the Butthole Surfers, the second one sounded like a bunch of delirious wreckheads dancing to the beat of human hatred, and this one—or at least this one-off single—sounds like a celebration. It is, in the words of your grandpa, mega. Listen to it then ramraid a supermarket, or something.

Recorded with Sean Lennon and that bloke from the Black Lips, it's perhaps simultaneously the most polished yet deprived track we've heard from them so far. But instead of letting us describe it and fucking everything up in the process, here's what Lias from the band has to say about "Breaking Into Aldi":

"This song is a post apocalyptic vision of a barely united United Kingdom bereft of quality German supermarkets and their insipid low prices; 'Breaking Into Aldi' is the anthem that never was, a call to arms for the senselessness of our future futility, an overcrowded shadow begging for a rerun, a sell out by sell outs for sell outs. This Fat Whites collaboration with Cole Alexander of the Black Lips, Sean Lennon and Zumi Roscow of the K Holes is by all intents and purposes the sound of hopelessness attempting to bleed itself dry."

Glorious, eh? Have a go on the track below. Then read our interview with Lias here. Then get tickets to the band's Brixton Academy show on September 17, which also features the Black Lips and the KVB. Three, it's the magic number!