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Movies Only Last About 30 Seconds If You Edit the White People Out

This blog takes popular movies and features only the lines spoken by people of color. They're all really short.
July 8, 2015, 6:27pm

Still from 'Enough Said,' via Every Single Word Tumblr

Have you ever thought about how long a movie would be if it only featured the lines spoken by people of color? Here's a hint: You could finish an entire movie in less than the time it takes to watch a few loops of your favorite Vine.

Every Single Word, created by actor Dylan Marron, is a Tumblr that collects video montages of popular films, focusing only on the lines from people of color. Unsurprisingly, none of the featured videos even reach one minute. Considering the fact that many of these movies surpass the two-hour mark, this is pretty depressing.

Scrolling through the Tumblr, which made its first post on July 1, it's hardly surprising that this year's 87th Annual Academy Awards was widely recognized to be one of the whitest ever. After all, how can a person of color be nominated for an award if they don't even have a speaking role to begin with?

Some of the movies that have been given the Every Single Word treatment so far are American Hustle (about 40 seconds), (500) Days of Summer (about 18 seconds), The Fault in Our Stars (about 30 seconds), and Frances Ha (about 18 seconds). Others, like Into the Woods and Moonrise Kingdom, last less than ten seconds.

Every Single Word has only edited a handful of videos so far, but the project has already made one thing painfully clear: Hollywood loves white people.