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We Watched UKIP-Hating Protesters Ambush a UKIP MP in the Streets of London Yesterday

Douglas Carswell, MP for Clacton and former Tory, got screamed at by a baying left-wing mob.

In the early hours of yesterday evening, Douglas Carswell, the UKIP MP for Clacton, found himself surrounded by a mob of left-wing activists, as he had the misfortune to emerge from a tube station at the precise moment an anti-Tory protest was heading past.

The demonstration itself was called to protest against the Queen's Speech, which laid out the government's agenda for the new Parliament. The government press releases about the speech talked up a "golden opportunity", claiming that Britain was "on the brink of something special", as if the legal-high bereft dark age of poverty and human rights violations we're about to be subjected to can be summed up by something so mawkish it should be a Eurovision slogan. As you'd expect, the protesters didn't see things the same way as the government.


The procession began at Trafalgar Square, continuing down Whitehall towards Downing Street. After some standard issue argy-bargy after the police tried to halt the marchers' progress, and having chanted some swear words at David Cameron as he was sitting down for tea, the pack went on a wild goose chase through the residential streets and past the pubs of Westminster, heading nowhere in particular, with no clear objective.

At the precise moment they were heading past St James's Park tube, former Tory Carswell was emerging from the station with the journalist Harry Cole, from Guido Fawkes – the Westminster gossip source beloved of the political class. Just two establishment outriders shooting the shit, little did they expect to find a bunch of disaffected proles with a directionless rage to focus squarely upon them.

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Some of the protesters recognised Carswell and approached him, holding their left-wing banners and calling him "racist scum". Carswell is an atypical Ukipper, who has said that "dislike of foreigners is not merely offensive, but absurd". Nevertheless, the crowd surrounded him and called him a "racist" and a "fascist". I guess there are only so many photo-ops with Nigel Farage you can do before people assume you share some of his views, such as the one about the need for a points-based immigration system or an admirationfor Enoch Powell.


As someone who famously left the Tories to join a party that is even more right-wing, and UKIP's sole MP, it's hard to imagine anyone in Westminster who could have shown up and drawn more ire among the protesters, unless Thatcher's rotting corpse had made its way out of the grave to walk among her mortal enemies.

Rather than turn heel and escape on the tube, Carswell strode out into his aggressors like someone in a zombie movie coming out of hiding and screaming a last hurrah before being torn to sheds and having their brains devoured by an un-dead horde.

Carswell couldn't have been less happy if he'd been drugged and woken up at a wedding of gay europhiles. Fortunately for him, the police were on hand to escort him into a police van and drive him away unscathed – though he was reportedly "shaken".

The march continued walking around for a bit before petering out. The left is currently locked in a debate about how best to oppose the Conservative agenda and years of austerity ahead; currently the Daily Mail's cadre seem to have come as close as anyone to a coherent strategy with their "Summer of Thuggery" headline.

First we have the Women of World War II memorial being defaced, now a UKIP MP has been given a fright in the street. The sacred cows of Middle England are being defiled again and again. When the revolution comes, it'll surely be rung in by the sight of Myleene Klass's severed head being kicked up and down Whitehall like a bloody football.



Photos by Oscar Webb, stills by Phil Caller.

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