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Don’t Ask Sleazy F Baby Who His Favourite MC Is

The rising Manchester hip-hop star comes with his own arithmetic equations on his latest video.

​Give Sleazy F Baby​ some lean and he'll freestyle three tracks then fall asleep for 12 hours. Job done. The rising Manchester MC does things at his own speed and doesn't care too much for current hip-hop trends. As he mentions in "21" a track from his album All Blahk Tracksuit, "I dont' want to be like anyone. Who's your favourite MC? Fuck everyone."

Though he claims he "don't wanna do no tunes with anyone" on this track he's teamed up with London-based Stinkin Slumrok, who kind of sounds like Snoop Dog if he came from Walthamstow.

There's no black tracksuits in the video, instead Sleazy and Stinkin rhyme and hang outside a corner store that Sleazy says is a cornerstone in his area."I get my Rizla and Henny from that shop"

Though he says the video didn't go exactly to plan it was still fun to shoot. "We got mad drunk and wore silk shirts while smoking mad weed and wore raincoats in a construction yard. It was fuckin' lit."

'All Blahk Tracksuit' is available now through Blah Records.​​