Photos from Last Night in Ferguson


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Photos from Last Night in Ferguson

More than 40 protesters were arrested and a police cruiser was set on fire.

Last night we witnessed another wave of demonstrations around the country inspired by the Ferguson grand jury's decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson for shooting Michael Brown. Rallies shut down highways from New York to Oakland, and in Ferguson the police fired tear gas into the crowds and arrested more than 40 protesters. Due to an aggressive response from the local authorities and the National Guard there was reportedly less looting and violence, but it was still a tense night that saw smashed windows and a police cruiser set on fire. Photographer Barrett Emke was there, and this is what he saw.


Officers in riot gear guard Ferguson City Hall after windows were smashed and a police cruiser parked on the street was set ablaze

Protesters stand opposite police at the Ferguson Police Department

Officers in armored vehicles force the crowd down South Florissant Road, ordering everyone to leave the area or face arrest

Officers begin making arrests in the parking lot across from the Ferguson Police Department

Tear gas is fired near Ferguson City Hall

A protester films police outside of the Ferguson Police Department

A member of the National Guard films protesters outside the Ferguson Police Department

A man is arrested after addressing police in the street outside the Ferguson Police Department

A protester returns to her car after the crowd is ordered to disperse

Ferguson residents watch from their home as protesters are forced to disperse by police