Mackned Makes His Directorial Debut in the Video for Eric G Collaboration "Mist"

Bringing a grunge documentary vibe to modern hip-hop.
September 26, 2016, 2:18pm

Last week we premiered​ Mackned and Eric G's ATLANTIS EP - a Seattle-bred collaboration that came together in just three days. Mackned has always kept things open in his lyrics, and this project sees him lamenting losses and counting blessings with more honesty than ever before. It's a realism he's taking to the next level with the self-directed, self-edited video for ATLANTIS track "Mist", which brings a grunge documentary vibe to modern hip-hop.

Watch below.

​Mackned is playing The Vera Project in Seattle next week with Lil Tracy, Horse Head and Cam the Mac. Tickets here​ for those in the area.