This story is over 5 years old.

The Tuts "1982" is a Joyous Middle Finger to the Music Industry

Someone messed with the wrong politically-enraged punk band.

The music industry can be ruthless. Wading through it can involve anything from playing to an audience of five solitary men in a pub so old the smoking ban doesn't seem to apply, to signing with a major label only to have your album shelved for half a decade. It is also full of creeps who will  try to "manage" your career, offering you big things and delivering nothing but put-downs, deflated promises and infinite eye-rolls.


The latter happened to The Tuts last year, but someone clearly messed with the wrong people. Three friends from West London, The Tuts are an explosion of equal parts fun and fury, channelling their political rage into songs to bounce around to. The silver lining of their industry misfortune is that it resulted in "1982" - a high octane slice of punk pop and an enormous fuck you to a former manager who wronged them. The track gets its name from the yearthey discovered his last client contract ended, which is just beautiful. It's basically the nails emoji in song form.

"1982" is taken from their debut album Update Your Brain which you can cop here​, or on iTunes and Spotify, and is full of equally bold bangers. You can watch the video for it, which we're premiering, below: