Meet the Doctor Who Wants Pregnant Women to Stay Off Pot

On a new episode of VICELAND's 'WEEDIQUETTE,' a medical expert weighs in on why getting stoned during gestation could be a risky decision.

On Tuesday, WEEDIQUETTE returns to VICELAND with a slate of new episodes, starting off with a look at pregnant women who smoke pot. Host Krishna Andavolu's quest to find out more about the risks of getting high during gestation takes him to Dr. Ira Chasnoff, an expert on alcohol and drug use among pregnant mothers.

While there's not much research yet about how marijuana can affect a developing child, Dr. Chasnoff published a medical opinion on what he believes the potential risks could be. He's warned smoking weed could result in low birth rates, lead to premature deliveries, and cause problems with executive functioning for children exposed to THC. Because the public health community is still trying to understand the implications of legal pot, Dr. Chasnoff's advice to women is: "If you're having sex, don't smoke marijuana."

Watch a clip from "High Risk Pregnancies" above, and make sure to catch WEEDIQUETTE on VICELAND when it returns October 17. Find out how to tune in here.