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Mad Patriots Fans Burned a Bunch of Gear at a Memorabilia BBQ

Complete with an off-key rendition of the National Anthem.
Drew Schwartz
Brooklyn, US
Screengrab via CBS Boston / YouTube

Following in some Trump supporters' footsteps, a bunch of angry Patriots fans got together on Thursday to torch the shit out of their team's gear, outraged that some players from their Super Bowl–winning franchise have been kneeling during the National Anthem, local ABC affiliate WCVB reports.

More than 100 mad New Englanders reportedly showed up at Mark Shane's house in Swansea, Massachusetts, this week, where he'd set up a fire pit in his front yard for a memorabilia BBQ. Apparently burning anything other than wood in Massachusetts is illegal without a permit, so Shane and his compatriots decided just to put in a handful of hats and shirts into the ceremonial flame, saving the rest of the sacrifices for donation, NECN reports.


Before tossing a few articles in the hellfire, attendees decided to give their gear a send-off by singing (and, of course, standing for) a rendition of the National Anthem, waving around a few American flags for good measure. They also ate hot dogs and strung up balloons while patriotic anthems like "America the Beautiful" played on a loop from a pair of speakers.

"I think it was a great success," Shane told CBS Boston. "I think people were united, I think people love our country, and I think it sends a great message to the NFL and any divisive type actions will not be tolerated during sports."

Shane and co. are just the latest batch of ticked-off sports fans to burn a bunch of NFL gear they paid for or got for Christmas after players, coaches, and owners throughout the league began protesting the National Anthem in the wake of President Trump's comments. The movement has even inspired it's own weird YouTube genre—Angry Man Burns Sports Thing:

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