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They Should Let Eric Andre Host the Oscars

Picking Andre is the brave thing to do.
They Should've Let Eric Andre Host the Oscars

The 2019 Academy Awards is looming and they had more problems than you'd expect finding an emcee, per the Hollywood Reporter, which declared that hosting the Oscars is "the least wanted job in Hollywood." It was announced that Kevin Hart accepted the role of host, and after years-old homophobic comments he made on Twitter and in his stand-up surfaced, he quickly resigned.

It makes sense that it hasn't been easy for the Academy to find someone for the job—it only pays a paltry six-figure sum (likely a drop in the bucket for those who host), and the host is bound to come under fire for their own personal failures, as well as the failures of the broadcast, which in itself is an inherently vapid and self-congratulatory event.


I'm sure Kevin Hart would have done OK, but now, I think we can do even better. If the producers of the 2019 Academy Awards want an interesting broadcast that will yield high-ratings and may even be written about in the history books, there's only one logical choice—Eric Andre.

Want a host so relatable, he has as much contempt for Hollywood sorts as the general public does? Then Eric Andre is your man.

Want an Academy Awards with a gross-out factor to rival the days of getting slimed at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards? Eric Andre is your man.

Want a man who, worst-case scenario, won't show up, but will tap Hannibal Buress (BTW another great option for Oscar host) to cover for him? Eric Andre is your man.

Want a host who will have a truly unforgettable opener that mirrors the carnage of American politics today? Eric Andre = your man.

Want a host who will end the Oscars as we know it, perhaps even for good? Eric Andre, please.

This article and headline have been updated to reflect that Kevin Hart has stepped down as the host of the 2019 Oscars.

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