Capricorn, June 2018
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Capricorn, June 2018

A full moon in your sign arrives this month!
illustrated by Nicole Ginelli

Welcome to Gemini season! You’re getting shit handled, and there will be a productive and easygoing vibe in the air this weekend when chatty Mercury connects with action planet Mars on June 1, boosting your energy at work. Sweet Venus connects with lucky Jupiter on June 1 and dreamy Neptune on June 2, creating a lovely atmosphere in your social life and inspiring people to get along and share ideas.


With that said, there’s going to be a rough week around communication early this month. Venus will oppose Pluto on June 5, stirring up envy, obsession, and power struggles, Mercury will square off Neptune on June 6, finding us wading through bullshit and miscommunications, and the Sun will clash with Neptune on June 7, creating an insecure energy. It will be crucial to focus on your senses and stay in the present, instead of getting freaked out by what the future may bring.

Communication planet Mercury will enters water sign Cancer on June 12, illuminating the relationship sector of your chart, but connecting with people won’t be immediately easy: Mercury will oppose your ruling planet Saturn on June 15, making for another rough day around communication. Everyone will be in a terrible mood, so don’t ask for favors. Your time will be better spent at home, working on your always evolving five-year plan.

There will be new moon in Gemini on June 13—plus, Venus enters Leo on the same day! The new moon in Gemini will be a fantastic time for you to get reorganized, rework your schedule, and plant new seeds (or if you’re a witch, cast a spell!) around your day job, as well as check in with your health and wellness and kick a habit. Gemini is a chatty sign—find a friend to vent to. Processing shit emotionally with a friend is a great way to start a new cycle. Venus’s entrance into Leo will illuminate a very intimate (and sensitive) sector of your chart, finding you eager to connect deeply with the people in your life, and it’ll bring sex and intimacy to the fore.


The real question is: Are you being properly compensated for your effort, time, and talents?

Neptune begins its retrograde in Pisces on June 18, activating the sector of your chart that rules your mind, and asking you to get real about some facts you may have been avoiding. It’ll also encourage you to reflect on the world from a more poetic, and less logical, standpoint. Neptune deals in dreams and fantasy, not equations and facts; and while it’s fine to indulge in this energy (it’s an amazing well of creative inspiration!), it’s crucial you don’t get swept up in paranoia or deluded thinking. So, dear Capricorn, make some art, but also talk to a trusted friend about whether or not you’ve been sticking your head in the sand about a tricky situation.

Communication will flow much more easily during the latter half of the month, despite hazy Neptune’s retrograde, thanks to communication planet Mercury connecting with Jupiter on June 19 and with Neptune on June 20. Sure, people might be full of shit or exaggerating on these days, but there will be a generous, open-minded energy in the air, and everyone will be open to being vulnerable about their emotions and connecting on a deep spiritual level. Connecting is a big theme during this time of month, especially since the Sun enters emotional Cancer on June 21, marking the summer solstice! Cancer season is all about you connecting with the people in your life and working out the give and take in your partnerships.


One day to definitely circle in your calendar is June 26, when Mars begins its retrograde in air sign Aquarius. This will find you reworking issues concerning cash (and, on an emotional level, self-worth), throughout the summer. When penetrative Mars goes retrograde—well, it’s pretty limp. Nothing’s happening; the warrior has retreated.

Take time reviewing your goals around money. Think about changing your prices if you’re a freelancer, or if you’re still being supported by you parents, consider how you want that relationship to look moving forward. If you have a full-time job, maybe it’s time for a raise. The real question is: Are you being properly compensated for your effort, time, and talents? Another question on the table is whether the teams you’re working with truly support and value you.

It could be difficult to stand up for yourself around these issues while Mars is retrograde, but I want you to think of this time as one to strategize, not necessarily take actions… and, dear Capricorn, as this summer goes on, you will realize this question about money and self-worth actually has a lot to do with how you express your needs, and how comfortable you are with being yourself and advocating for yourself.

The Sun opposes your planetary ruler Saturn on June 27, finding you confronting issues in your relationships about responsibility and commitment, and also working out problems with contracts or authorities. The vibe will a bit gloomy (that’s just what Saturn does); however, this could be a productive time to get work done, to hammer out important details, or to set boundaries.

There’s a full moon in your sign on June 28, which will bring a climax to your relationships, but the focus won’t be on other people so much as yourself. This full moon will push you to confront your own emotions about the partnerships you’ve been engaging in. Full moons are emotional and exhausting… but you have plenty of endurance, Capricorn. Still, this will be an intense time, so don’t overbook yourself. Ask yourself if you push yourself too hard: Why punish yourself, Cap? The world is difficult enough! You also really don’t need to be in any relationships that aren’t supportive for you, so set some boundaries and consider ending any partnership that isn’t working. Astrologers call Capricorns unfeeling; however, dear sea goat, I know you have feelings. You have lots and lots of them. This full moon will be a fab time to sit with them and process them.

Messenger planet Mercury enters fire sign Leo on June 29, illuminating a very private sector of your chat and finding you spending lots of time talking about taboo subjects. If you wouldn’t discuss is at a dinner table, it will come up now: sex, death, taxes—all the complicated things that aren’t just divisive, but also sensitive, or even secret! As communication planet Mercury travels through regal Leo, ask yourself if you’re keeping any secrets that perhaps you should unburden yourself of.

Good luck this month and see you in July, dear sea goat!