A Sports Blog, For You on This Holiday Weekend

We're gonna be talkin' sports for a little bit, here.
May 26, 2017, 10:12pm
I looked for a stock image of the major sports balls, but this was all I could find. Via Wikimedia

Hey guys, just wanted to put together a little sports blog for everyone today, the Friday before Memorial Day at, like, 5:30, about sports. Sports, generally speaking, are pretty great. Sure there are some lousy things about sports—the whole notion of "amateurism," the threat of debilitating injury, the New England Patriots—but on the whole, sports are a plus.

I like sports. This is my job, after all, and it would be pretty silly if I didn't, but I'd wager there are at least tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of people who feel similarly. And the great thing is, there's a whole bunch of 'em. You've got your football, and your baseball, and your basketball. Those are the main ones, but there are others.

That's a baseball, with a cat. Via Wikimedia Commons

People play and watch sports all over the world, too. They even have sports in Canada.

Holidays are a great time for sports because you can sit around and watch them, or play them, with your friends and family without having to worry if you will get fired, and lose your source of income, and with it your shelter and food and clothing and life as you know it. You can just relax and have fun. That's actually a pretty interesting paradox of sports, you know? They are a distraction from your life, but sports also do not tolerate distractions. Within the actual sports themselves, distractions are bad. But the sport as a whole is a distraction. Pretty weird, right?

A tennis ball—tennis is another sport I forgot to mention up there—with a dog. Via Wikimedia Commons.

How's this for another crazy thing: that dog is playing a sport. It's called Flyball, a sport for dogs I just learned about today. Sports are the gift that keeps on giving. A Jelly of the month club, but with competition, and balls and, TIL, sometimes animals.

Anyway, that was just a little something about sports, which are pretty cool. Go out and enjoy sports on Memorial Day Weekend.

They gave away free cases of beer at work today and I'm fucking hammered.