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The Music Industry's #MeToo Movement Has Been Systematically Silenced

On today's episode of 'The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast,' Noisey's Andrea Domanick discusses the industry's hidden underbelly of sexual harassment.
Image by Meaghan Garvey

The music industry is, in some ways, a confluence of toxic culture. The nature of the business allows for late nights and blurred lines between work and nightlife. Tons of freelancers and gig economy workers have no HR to report to or companies to back them up. And the fiercely competitive industry still has a diversity problem: Women make up only 28 percent of the publishing and record label workforce. Sexual harassment, unsurprisingly, is common.


But exposing that harassment hasn't been easy. Noisey editor Andrea Domanick has spent the past two years speaking with women who have dealt with physical and verbal sexual assault in the industry. Their stories reveal a cut-throat environment where men in power live with relative impunity. "You have to be one of the guys," said Claire, one of the women assault in the industry, told Domanick. "I once had a boss tell me that I should learn golf and watch The Sopranos, because that’s what the men in the industry did. He wasn’t wrong. It's all men for the most part, and I have to be able to hang with them."

On today's episode, Domanick talks about what it's like for women in the music industry to finally speak out.

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