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A 12-Year-Old Got Pissed at His Parents and Ran Away to Bali on Their Dime

He apparently stole his parents' credit card and escaped on a Razor scooter.
Tourists enjoy the sun at Kuta beach on the Indonesian resort island of Bali. Photo credit by SONNY TUMBELAKA/AFP/Getty Images.

Look, it's a fact of life—kids fight with their parents sometimes and then threaten to run away forever. But while most of those threats don't go much further than some kid holing up in a treehouse for an afternoon, one genius 12-year-old in Australia took the concept of running away to a whole different level—stealing his parents' credit card, hopping on his Razor scooter, and running away to Bali for a solo tropical vacation.


According to the Australian TV news show A Current Affair, the Sydney-based kid who the show refers to as "Drew" got pissed at his parents, presumably over a game of Fortnite or something, and hatched a plan to escape. After researching rules about minors flying without adults online, he stole his family's credit card and scootered off to the airport—where he hopped on an international flight to Bali.

By the time his parents realized he was gone, the kid had already checked into an Indonesian hotel and settled into his vacation.

Drew—who can also shred a quarter-pipe on his scooter, according to some A Current Affair footage—says he avoided suspicion at the airport by using the self-check-in machine and then later convincing the hotel staff in Bali to let him into a room, claiming he was traveling with his sister. He was stopped once at the airport, but the airline let him go after checking his passport, according to the Guardian.

"Shocked, disgusted… There's no emotion to feel what we felt when we found that he left overseas," Drew's mom explained to A Current Affair. Furious, Drew's mom quickly got on her own flight to Bali to retrieve her kid. It's unclear exactly how much money Drew racked up on his parents' credit card, but he'll likely have to do chores for the next couple decades to work off the debt.

All in all, Drew seems to feel pretty good about the adventure, regardless of whatever hell he had to pay once his parents finally caught up with him. "That was a week you won't forget," A Current Affair told Drew in an interview. "Hopefully not," the kid replied. Spoken like a true legend.

If those middle-aged dudes playing Tag got their story turned into a movie, it's only a matter of time until Drew's glorious escape to Bali becomes a major motion picture like some bizarro Home Alone, along with that other Australian kid who stole a car and drove 800 miles across the country.

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