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Canadians Have Finally Turned on Tim Hortons

About freakin’ time, guys.

Canadians have long accepted that our national identity was intrinsically tied to a mid-tier coffee company’s brand but a new poll suggest our easily-duped nation is finally turning on Tim Hortons.

In their annual survey of corporate reputations, Leger and National Public Relations found that the brand’s opinion with Canadians is tanking. Timmies dropped 44 places to go from 4th place to 50th. In the past decade (other than in 2013) Tim Hortons always sat within the top 10 rankings.


The top spot was claimed by Google (OK, Canadians are very trusting with their data) and the top five was rounded out by Shoppers Drug Mart, Canadian Tire, Sony, and Samsung in that order.

A likely factor in Tim Hortons sudden drop in popularity was when numerous franchise owners decided to start publically fucking over their employees. The most egregious one that caught headlines across the country came from the (rich-as-fuck) heirs to the company who, in their franchise location, cut their employees hours and benefits because of a minimum wage hike. This resulted in people and politicians roasting the company and numerous protests being held across Ontario.

Rick Murray, National Public Relations managing partner, laid the brand’s slip in popularity directly at the foot of Tim Hortons (the company, not the deceased hockey player.)

“First and foremost, Tim Hortons, a perennial top five brand that we’ve previously believed impervious to issue, has fallen mightily in the court of public opinion,” wrote Murray in the study. “The Company dropped 25 points from last year, and fell from #4 to #50 in the rankings—largely through issues of the company’s own making.”

Whether Tim Hortons can make a comeback remains to be seen, but a humble suggestion, maybe focus on the coffee and the food, rather than inspirational ads with mountains and tiny little hockey players.

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