Framing Your Dad for Murder Is Fun in Night Birds’ New Video

Watch the Jersey punk purists do a first-rate acting job in "My Dad Is the BTK."
August 9, 2018, 5:30pm

Night Birds’ new video for “My Dad Is the BTK” features a few familiar music video elements. There’s the part about wanting to chill in your poster-adorned teenage bedroom with a Yoo-hoo that your parents just won’t give you, reminiscent of the Pepsi situation from Suicidal Tendencies’ iconic “Institutionalized” video. There are the bumbling detectives that harken back to the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” video from Spike Jonze. And then there’s the whole part about pinning a string of unsolved homicides on your dad because you think it’d be funny if he were wrongfully convicted of murder and he gets arrested. Actually, that part’s fairly unique to Night Birds’ video.


The song comes off of the Jersey punk purists’ forthcoming mini-album, Roll Credits. And while the title sounds like it’s pointing towards the end of Night Birds’ run, they, thankfully, seem to still be going strong, hitting the ten-year mark as a band this summer. So hopefully, much like framing your dad for murder, it's just a big ol' goof.

Check out Night Birds' acting chops above. Roll Credits is out on September 21 via Fat Wreck Chords and you can pre-order it here. They're also on tour soon.