Monthly Horoscope: Pisces, September 2018
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Monthly Horoscope: Pisces, September 2018

The sun is shining on the sector of your chart that rules partnerships of all kinds!
illustrated by Nicole Ginelli
August 30, 2018, 8:34pm

Welcome to Virgo season, dear fish! The Sun is shining in the sector of your chart that rules partnerships of all kinds—in love, in business, and even with your frenemies. Virgo season is your time to connect with others and embrace compromise. Virgo is realistic and logical, the perfect counter to your poetic, fantastical nature. Your signs are opposites, so you balance each other out! Communication planet Mercury enters Virgo on September 5, finding your partners especially talkative, and Saturn retrograde ends on September 6, bringing about a shift in your social life—networking with immature or unserious people just isn’t for you at this time.


Fantastic opportunities to connect with exciting, or even unusual, people and forge strong bonds arrives on September 7, when Mercury connects with Uranus and Saturn. But this excitement will likely be focused on the groups, clubs, and associations you belong to, since your one-on-one partnerships may suffer from some confusing energy, thanks to the Sun opposing your ruling planet Neptune, on September 7. Luckily, the new moon in Virgo arrives on September 9, bringing a fresh start to your relationships! Venus also enters fellow water sign Scorpio on September 9, bringing a dash of lucky energy your way. A love letter from afar may arrive. If you’re traveling, in school, or doing anything concerning publishing, Venus in Scorpio will be especially beneficial.

On a more emotional level, the vibes from Venus in scorpio and the new moon in Virgo will find you reflecting on how important it is to be with someone you can grow with—not just emotionally, but intellectually and experientially. You’re craving partnerships where there is adventure; where you two can explore the world a and each other. A shift in energy comes when Mars enters Aquarius on September 10, igniting a very private sector of your chart, shaking up your sleep schedule (pay close attention to what comes in your dreams), and raking up some buried anger that you need to address. You will find that you're finally able to move forward on things that came up this spring and early summer that you previously felt helpless against.


An especially exciting time for your partnerships arrives on September 11 and 12, when the Sun, Jupiter, and Pluto all align. The Sun is the planet of truth and identity, Jupiter represents good luck and growth, and Pluto is lord of the underworld and all things hidden—like buried treasure! Pluto knows all secrets, and you will be let in on some juicy information! You may connect with a very powerful, in-the-know person (or group of people), Pisces.

September 12 is big for another reason, too: Venus, Uranus, and Saturn also align. You'll be itching for more freedom, but still have the support you crave while you try a new thing or go off on your own. There’s an electric spark in the air, and an unexpected shift in a relationship, friendship, or creative endeavor is likely; but a stable, mature energy is also present to help keep things from going off the rails. Your tastes and preferences are evolving…the same old just doesn’t work for you anymore!

Here’s my advice to you: There's a lot going on, but keeping things light and easy instead of getting bogged down by details is the best way to work with this astral energy. Making new commitments or decisions isn't the way to go at this time, since Mercury opposes Neptune on September 13. Things could easily become very complicated this week, so just go with the flow, don’t make any promises, and have fun. Important information is revealed when Mercury connects with Pluto on September 15, and people are in a place to hear each other out and consider different points of view on September 16, when Mercury connects with Jupiter—perhaps save an important conversation for these days rather than bringing it up sooner. The Sun meets Mercury on September 20, bringing about an especially notable conversation—just watch out: your partners may be picky know-it-alls at this moment!

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Mars squares off with Uranus on September 18—keep an eye out for impatience and impulsivity! Pay close attention to the messages that arrive in your dreams. A surprising message may come your way, but it’s nothing you haven’t heard before (think back to August 1, when themes also popped up in your life). Thankfully, this time, you're actually able to move forward around whatever issue comes up. The energy begins to shift as communication planet Mercury enters Libra, finding you talking about deep, intimate, and personal things. The autumn equinox also arrives on September 22, with the Sun entering Libra and lighting up the sector of your chart that rules sex, death, and taxes!

Watch out for September 23 and 25, when Saturn, the planet of rules and restrictions, bring obstacles around communication and your social life. Getting what you need from someone else may not be so easy when Mercury, and then the Sun, squares off with Saturn. Fortunately, both planets connect with Mars on those two days as well, which will give you a boost in intuition and emotional resilience, helping you power through whatever setbacks come your way.

The full moon in Aries arrives on September 24, bringing a climax around an issue concerning your finances, or possibly your self-esteem—there’s no denying what you’re worth during this full moon, Pisces, and it is time to get what you deserve. A debt may finally be settled. A compromise will need to be reached at this time between you and your partners about who owns or pays for what. A shift arrives in your social life on September 30, when power planet Pluto ends its retrograde in Capricorn…powerful people are making their presence known to you. By the end of September, who knows what intriguing acquaintances you may meet! Good luck this month, dear fish, and see you in October!