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Tory Islamophobia

Boris's Burka Bullshit

Boris Johnson is trying to get out of apologising for his 'Telegraph' article.
Simon Childs
London, GB
Boris Johnson (WENN Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo)

Tory Chairman Brandon Lewis asked Boris Johnson to apologise for saying women who wear burkas look like "letterboxes" and "bank robbers". In response, Johnson has come up with a line to spin.

Westminster lobby hacks are reporting that "sources close to Boris" are warning that "we mustn't fall into the trap of shutting down the debate on difficult issues".

This is, of course, disingenuous bullshit. Nobody was outraged about the burka being debated. In his article, Johnson actually argued against banning the burka. It's just that he did so by needlessly stigmatising burka-wearing women, who happen to "bear the brunt" of Islamophobic attacks.