Little Simz, Miink and Tourist Added to The Great Escape Line-Up

They join nearly a million other acts – see: AJ Tracey, Yves Tumor, Jaykae and more – at the country's greatest seaside festival/piss-up.
February 27, 2019, 11:41am
The Great Escape Line Up 2019 Miink and Little Simz
Left, Miink; Right, Little Simz. Images provided by PR.

The Great Escape might be one of the best festivals in the UK. Why? Well, it's mostly inside, taking place in the countless number of music venues in the seaside town of Brighton. So, crucially, if it rains you're not gonna get wet. You're also probably gonna get a hotel room or an Airbnb since there's no camping on the beach, which means all the good stuff like showering and teeth brushing and sleeping on pillows inside structures made of bricks. Then there's the music: a luxurious buffet of new acts, old favourites and uh, things called 'Cocaine Piss' (who are the name of a real band/fun art project/something that's playing this year fyi).


Anyway, what you should know is this year there are loads of banging people playing. You've got all the ones mentioned above, plus Crack Cloud, Chai, Emily Burns, Arlo Parks, Sports Team, Westerman plus Anna Calvi, newcomer KEYAH/BLU and personal Noisey fave Murkage Dave. Frankly there's so many we don't have time to list them all here, so just head to The Great Escape website for more info to see the latest 120 new names. We'll be throwing a party of our own, so we'll let you all know about that soon. Slowthai and Octavian played last year, so you know we've got you.

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