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Daily Horoscopes: November 21, 2017

Sagittarius season begins tonight!
November 21, 2017, 5:00am

The Moon enters Capricorn at 2:14 AM, putting people in a serious mood. Intriguing negotiations will take place this morning, as sweet Venus connects with power planet Pluto at 6:26 AM. The Moon connects with Jupiter at 8:57 PM, creating an optimistic vibe, and Sagittarius season officially kicks off at 10:05 PM with the Sun entering this bright, free-spirited Fire sign. Dreamy energy will flow once the Moon mingles with Neptune at 1:33 AM.


All Times EST.


The Moon enters Capricorn today, lighting up the financial sector of your chart. Even more excitingly, Sagittarius season starts tonight! It’s a powerful time to reconnect with your heart’s passion. Who have you become since your last birthday?


The Moon enters your sign today, Capricorn, encouraging you to touch base with your emotional needs. You’ll be able to make some powerful social connections today; however, over the next few weeks you will need to honor your need for alone time, too.


Don’t overbook yourself today, Aquarius: The Moon enters Capricorn this morning, encouraging you to slow down. This won’t be easy, though—Sagittarius season starts tonight, finding you eager to socialize.


The Moon enters Capricorn today, finding you busy connecting with friends. You’ll be able to make some intriguing connections this morning. Sagittarius season starts tonight, which means the next few weeks will be big around your career.


The Moon enters driven Earth sign Capricorn today, encouraging you to focus on your professional goals. Help from a powerful person or source will become available this morning. Sagittarius season kicks off tonight, sending you on some adventures!


The Moon enters fellow Earth sign Capricorn today, putting you in a philosophical, exploratory mood. Your ruling planet Venus connects with Pluto today, encouraging you to make some powerful changes.


The Sun enters Sagittarius, your opposite sign, today. This means it’s now illuminating the relationship sector of your chart. The next few weeks are major for partnership, dear twins!


The Moon enters Capricorn today, lighting up the relationship sector of your chart. Today is indeed very powerful for connecting with the people you care about. Sagittarius season also starts today, finding you eager to break a bad habit.


The Sun—which is your planetary ruler—enters fellow Fire sign Sagittarius today. This transit will trigger a big shift in your disposition: You’ll be eager to have fun, flirt, and express yourself creatively after spending the past month in a very private, reflective mood.


The Moon enters fellow Earth sign Capricorn this morning, putting you in a flirtatious and creatively inspired mood. An inside bit of information arrives today.


Your ruling planet Venus makes a harmonious connection with the lord of the underworld, Pluto, bringing you help from hidden or private sources. Sagittarius season begins tonight—expect to be busy over the next month.


The Moon’s entrance into Capricorn will activate the communication sector of your chart, Scorpio. Love-and-money planet Venus connects with Pluto (your planetary ruler) this morning, bringing intriguing news.

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