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Wacko YouTuber, uh, 'Proves' World Series Was Rigged

A YouTuber has crunched alllll the numbers and shows exactly how the World Series was scripted to have Houston win. Spot the lie.

What you are watching above is eight minutes and 33 seconds of commentary that intends to prove that the World Series, and all sports, really, was rigged. It involves Matt Harvey, Hurricane Harvey, Sports Illustrated, Gematria—an alphanumeric cipher that assigns a numeric value to words and phrases—and Charlie Morton's pitch count.

The video comes courtesy of a guy named Zachary K. Hubbard, and he is convinced that everything is rigged. News, politics, the weather, sports, everything. Getting down to the brass tacks, Hubbard posits that the Astros World Series victory, was foretold by Matt Harvey's start in Houston, which just so happened to be the first start after the Houston area was devastated by hurricane Harvey. That start, coincidentally, was 52 days before the start of the World Series. Hold on to your butts—because we've only just scratched the surface.


"The reason that matters is because the word 'flood' in gematria equals 52. Houston flooded on a date with 52 numerology on August 27th, which was the 239th day of the, which is the 52nd Prime number. It was 27 years to the day of the death of Stevie Ray Vaughn, who is remembered for the album 'Texas Flood.' Think about it."

In light of these numbers—and some other extremely reasonable stuff about the government causing flash floods "by doing chemistry in the sky"—and Charlie Morton recording the final out of Game 7 on his 52nd pitch, it's pretty obvious that baseball is no different than pro wrestling.

But it's not just the games themselves that are rigged, even things like managerial firings are all part of the equation. Now, you might be wondering how something like "firing the manager" can be rigged and, I gotta tell you, that is a very fair question. Nevertheless, here is a video about how the fix was in for Joe Girardi.

"Again this is a perfect example of how all of the world of professional sports is scripted by a numerological code. What is true of Joe Girardi's firing today, is true of every single thing that happens in the world of professional sports." Girardi, Hubbard tells us, was fired on October 26th, which is the 299th day of the year, leaving just 66 days left in the year. We all know where this one is going.

Using gematria and whatever else he can find to get something to 66, Hubbard says that "Girardi" gets a value of 66 using the "alphabitic order," and "Joe Girardi" also gets a 66 with "the reduction method," which sounds totally above board. There is also a fairly sizeable detour in this video where we learn that the Jews did 9/11 and people who make fun of him are "dumb ignorant motherfuckers."

Anyway, back to the main and unassailable point we started with, which is that the World Series was rigged because Charlie Morton threw 52 pitches.