Cancer, August 2017
Illustration by Nicole Ginelli


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Cancer, August 2017

It's eclipse season, Cancer, which is always a sensitive time for you.

Because you're ruled by the Moon, dear Cancer, eclipse season (which we're in right now!) is especially intense for you. This August, we have a lunar eclipse in cool Air sign Aquarius, and a solar eclipse in fiery Leo—plus a Mercury retrograde, so it will certainly be exciting.

The month opens with lucky planet Jupiter, in Libra, squaring off with Pluto, in Capricorn, on August 4—this is a tense, but exciting, combination of energies. The atmosphere is energetic and competitive. If there's something you need, especially at work or in your relationships, you'll be able to make it happen!


But keep in mind, Jupiter is the planet of expansion—whatever it touches, it exaggerates. Pluto rules transformation but also greed and manipulation—so be careful about who you trust. (Not that I mean to make you paranoid; you don't need more anxiety in your life, little crab.)

The lunar eclipse in Aquarius arrives August 7, activating a sensitive, intimate sector of your chart. You'll see a side of your intimate relationships that you could never see before—eclipses are all about revelations.

While the energy is emotional, remember that cool, intellectual Air sign Aquarius approaches things logically. This is a time for letting go and mourning—perhaps something, or someone, from long ago that you never quite dealt with.

If you can approach your intense emotions with a cool head (try making lists, enlisting the help of someone else for an outside perspective, or engaging in stress-relieving activities), you'll be able to transform.

Money, especially resources from other people, like inheritances, as well as taxes or debts, will be a theme during this eclipse, Cancer, and throughout August, especially as planets begin moving into Leo. But we'll get to that later.

Mercury retrograde begins in Virgo on August 12, so expect to change your mind about a few recent decisions. You're known for being moody, Cancer, but this time, you're basing things not on your feelings but on new information—or old information—that's beginning to make sense. It's challenging you to adjust your outlook.


An intense day for your relationships is August 15, when sweet Venus (in your sign) opposes Pluto in Capricorn. Beware of power struggles, jealousy, and obsessive thoughts! Pluto, the lord of the underworld, is kinky as hell, so some fun could come out of this planetary combination; however, I suggest you spend time with people you trust, and that you clear the air. If you have your suspicions about people, things will get too intense.

The solar eclipse in Leo lands August 21, shifting around your finances and your sense of self-worth, Cancer. Leo is the sign of royalty—but most of us have to work hard for what we have. During this eclipse, reflect on what you feel entitled to. Consider how you manage your money, whether it's healthy, and, emotionally, if you hold high enough standards in your relationships.

On August 22, the Sun enters Virgo. You're not always the most vocal (or logical—you tend to go with your gut) person, but during Virgo season, you're analytical (and picky) as hell. Virgo season is generally a good time to communicate, so watch for important messages. (Just remember, Mercury is retrograde, so it's unlikely that anything is set in stone.)

Virgo season is also a time to reconnect with your siblings if you haven't seen them in a while. Take a day trip; do some exploring. Reconnecting with family and being in nature are two of your favorite ways to recharge, so go for it now, little crab!

On August 26, Venus enters Leo, soon followed by Mercury, which reenters Leo on August 31 while on its retrograde journey. Expect conversations about cash. Mercury retrograde will bring back conversations from July, especially concerning finances, or, emotionally, security.

Venus brings blessings wherever it goes, so trust that good vibes around cash (and self-worth) are on the way! Leo is a glamorous Fire sign, and while Venus—the planet of, yes, love and money, but also beauty and style—is in this sign, you'll be in the mood to spoil yourself with the finest things. You deserve it after this turbulent month! See you in September!