A Gemini collage
Illustration by Amanda Lanzone
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Monthly Horoscope: Gemini, June 2019

It's your season, dear twin!
May 31, 2019, 1:46pm

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Blessed solar return, Gemini, your season is here!

It's off to a juicy start, thanks to love and money planet Venus's harmonious connection with Pluto, the planet of transformation, on June 2. Venus is currently in sensual earth sign Taurus, and it’s finding you very plugged into your emotions, feeling more shy than usual. As Venus connects with power planet Pluto, which is currently in earth sign Capricorn, you'll find yourself reflecting deeply on what needs to change and what you need to release from your life—you’re shedding old skin, Gemini! This is a powerful time for intimacy, as you will be connecting with your partners on a deep and intuitive level—sexy!


A new moon in your sign arrives on June 3, Gemini! This is a reinvigorating yet gentle time to connect with your emotions and needs concerning self-care and self-love. New moons are all about fresh starts, and you might achieve this now by getting a makeover or reconsidering the stance you want to take in your relationships. Make time for rest and meditation. Your mind moves a mile a minute, but now it’s time to slow down and dream.

Your ruling planet Mercury enters intuitive water sign Cancer on June 4, finding you having plenty of conversations about money, and on an emotional level, about security and self-worth. You’re a logical air sign, Gemini, but while Mercury is in Cancer, you'll also be tapping into your intuition quite a bit. On June 7, Mercury will connect with brilliant, innovative Uranus in Taurus, bringing you an unexpected eureka moment. At your worst, Gemini, you can be a total pedantic know-it-all, but you’re endlessly curious and love to be surprised by what the world can teach and show you—this is one of those times that you learn something unexpected and new!

Sweet, sexy Venus enters your sign on June 8! You’ve always been a charismatic social butterfly, but you’re especially charming and social now, especially after a sleepy, lazy few weeks of Venus luxuriating in Taurus. You’re ready to party, flirt, and have fun! But we step into murky waters as the sun squares off with Neptune, the planet of haze and fog, in water sign Gemini, on June 9—watch out for confusion! Be mindful about how you portray yourself on social media, at work, and in public. In many ways, this is actually a hugely creative time for you—however, misunderstandings are also likely as the sun’s rays get clouded by Neptune’s fog. The sun also opposes Jupiter in Sagittarius on June 10—this is a major turning point in your relationships, Gemini! Whether it’s good or bad depends on your specific situation, but heed this warning: Jupiter amplifies things, so watch out for huge emotions or things being blown out of proportion.


Action planet Mars in tenacious Cancer makes a harmonious connection with Neptune and opposes Saturn (currently in Capricorn) on June 14, bringing a big boost in creativity, but it also puts pressure on your intimate relationships and your finances. Flexibility is the key to keep from snapping at this time. Think of a sky scraper or bridge that needs to have some sway against the storms and wind. Mars and Neptune’s harmonious connection brings inspiration at work and creative solutions concerning money, but Mars’s opposition with taskmaster Saturn asks serious questions about responsibility and might find you facing rejection—again, stay flexible!

Your ruling planet Mercury connects with Neptune and opposes Saturn, and Jupiter squares off with Neptune, all on June 16, making mid-month a busy time in your calendar! Again, your ruling planet Mercury mingling with Neptune and opposing Saturn continues conversations concerning money and responsibility, creating an empathetic energy around these topics and pushing you and the people you’re working with—in love or otherwise—to discuss needs and boundaries. Limitations are set in place, but creative solutions to problems are available, too. Jupiter’s square with Neptune is a longstanding astrological transit that we're swimming all year, but it’s especially potent at this time. In what ways are you idealizing your relationships? If your fantasy bubble bursts, where will you land? Neptune is intangible, and Jupiter amplifies things, so their clash is a strange one to contain or put into words—you’re likely feeling this in your own life, wondering what to say and what to feel. You might even feel very frustrated right now because you don’t have firm answers or details. Release your need for guarantees—too much is changing, and right now we’re all in the process of figuring out what’s real for us.


There's a full moon in your opposite sign Sagittarius on June 17! This will bring a major climax to your relationships, Gemini—lots of talk will take place. Your sign has a reputation for blowing up people's phones with notifications, but Sagittarius has an even bigger mouth than you do, so expect conversations that have been brewing to come to a head. Full moons are emotional periods, and this one finds you letting go of old beliefs and releasing partnerships that no longer work for new adventures and experiences.

Taskmaster Saturn connects with Neptune, and Mercury meets with Mars, on June 18, making for a creative and productive day. Saturn is all about structure, and when it connects with imaginative Neptune in a harmonious way, our wild dreams find a way to become reality, and for you specifically, Gemini, this will manifest as supportive energy at work and in your finances. Your ruling planet Mercury's meeting with warriors planet Mars creates an energizing and dynamic energy for building wealth and abundance, too!

Both Mercury and Mars oppose Pluto, the lord of the underworld, on June 19. Pluto is all about what's below the surface, so prepare to probe deep, dear twin. Secrets are shared and discoveries are made. You might find yourself digging through trash, laundry, or storage to find the information you're looking for, searching for a long-lost piece of the puzzle, or going through old paperwork to find closure or understanding. Sensitive and emotionally charged issues are being brought to the surface, and it's important that you partner with people who are empathetic and informed in relating to these kinds of issues, whether it's a best friend or counselor. You don't need to do things alone right now.

Your ruing planet Mercury enters its pre-retrograde shadow on June 20! This means you need to watch out for all the conversations about money and self-worth that pop up between June 20 and the start of Mercury's retrograde, July 7. These topics will be reviewed until July 31, when the communication planet goes direct. Mercury retrograde is annoying. It's a crappy time to make investments, and during this one in particular, you'll have to be especially mindful not to misplace your belongings. But it is a good time to take a break, so slow down, Gemini!

Neptune retrograde begins along with Cancer season on June 21! The sun in Cancer illuminates the sector of your chart that rules your finances, finding you focused on material matters, security, and self-worth. Cancer is a sign that's all about security and protection, and you're really feeling that vibe right now, especially when it comes to being financially prepared. Neptune, however, is immaterial, and its retrograde marks a moment in your career and public life when you're reflecting on glamour, gossip, and indirect messages you send to the public.

Venus opposes Jupiter on June 23, making for a wildly fun and flirtatious atmosphere, fantastic for connecting with people! You may fall head over heels in love—however, you'd be extremely wise to keep both feet planted on the ground as Venus squares off with Neptune on June 24. You're especially idealistic at this time. This could be some of the most fun and romantic days of the month for you, but you're so drunk on good vibes that you might ditch a few responsibilities that are really worth remembering. Wrapping up the month, your ruling planet Mercury enters Leo on June 26, finding you especially mentally sharp and stating your truth with a loud lion's roar. The sun connects with Uranus on June 27, bringing surprises—definitely watch out for the messages that arrive in your dreams! Your intuition is especially lit up at the end of the month. Good luck this June, dear Gemini, and see you in July!