5 Factors That Make a Perfect Pub, According to New Research

Unsurprisingly, sticky carpets didn’t make the cut.
August 8, 2017, 1:50pm
Photo via Anders Adermark.

The requirements of a pub are simple enough, right? Somewhere within stumbling distance of your house where a few rounds won't blow half your week's budget. Sure, your shoes might get glued to the beer-stained carpet and you're pretty sure that the pickled onion jar has been there since the late 70s, but throw in a few comfy chairs and a decently poured pint and you're set.

Or not, according to research by YouGov on "What Britain's ideal pub looks like." The new poll reveals that the British public are picky when it comes to judging their watering holes. Unsurprisingly, sticky carpets and dodgy brined alliums didn't make the cut.

Released today, the results of the YouGov survey identify the five key features of an ideal pub. Though you'd think that the main purpose of a pub is to nurse a pint or large glass of Jacob's Creek; alcohol apparently isn't a priority for many. The poll found that 67 percent of people think that being able to get a meal is the most important feature of a boozer, closely followed by a beer garden and fireplace. Rounding off the list of features that more than half of participants prioritised are bar staff who know regulars by name and the availability of snacks.

The research also found that only 37 percent of people care whether a pub serves real ale and 23 percent think that the ideal pub offers cocktails. At the bottom of the list, just 5 percent of people want fruit machines in their dream pub.

It's not huge news that people are after a decent meal when out drinking. Previous pub industry studies have found that food is a priority for customers and last October, the Michelin Guide crowned The Marksman in East London "Pub of the Year"—a boozer better known for its curries and beef buns than its beer and ale selection. It's no surprise then, that while the number of traditional pubs whose food offering extends to a handful of salted peanuts is declining, the restaurant business is booming.

Still, nothing really beats a quick one down your local.