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Helena Deland's "Take It All" Tackles The Reality of Romantic Expectations

The Montreal singer tells us over fuzzy drums that love, in fact, stinks.
Photo courtesy of Artist.

Subterfuge is part of being human. It’s not good but we don’t trust each other, we never have, really, so deception is somehow part and parcel to that. Yet, we’re out here still trying to form meaningful connections anyway. Montreal singer Helena Deland’s newest track “Take It All” tackles the nuances and revelations that come with knowing that someone you love or like doesn’t entirely feel that way about you. “Take It All,” from the forthcoming EP From the Series of Songs "Altogether Unaccompanied" Vol. II, sounds like an endless trip down a darkened hallway with flickering lights—you’re waiting for the light, but it never comes.


Deland’s lonesome sounding vocals skim over fuzzed out, slow drum beats anchored by a steady guitar line. The gloomy indie pop-rock tune has Deland singing, “you do have a way with the ladies” that sounds both biting and defeated. “‘Take It All’ is about the feeling of denial and eventually humiliation when you expect something significant from a relationship with another whose reasons for involvement are deceptive,” Deland tells Noisey via email. “We wanted to make it sound nocturnal and contrasted.” Listen to the track below and preorder the EP here.

Look out for Deland on the road with tour dates below: 2/15 - L'Ass & 2/15 - L'Assomption QC @ Théâtre Hector-Charland
2/16 - Drummondville QC @ Maison des Arts
2/17 - Sherbrooke QC @ Théâtre Granada
2/18 - St-Eustache QC @ Le Zénith
2/20 - Laval QC @ Salle André-Mathieu #2/21 - St-Jérôme QC @ Théâtre Gilles-Vigneault
2/22 - Gatineau QC @ Théâtre du Musée Canadien d'Histoire
2/23 - Quebec City QC @ Imperial de Quebec
2/24 - St-Hyacinthe QC @ Centre des Arts Juliette Lassonde
3/2 - Montreal, QC @ Sala Rossa3/3 - Toronto, ON @ Smiling Buddha
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