Body Maintenance Create Music That Is Beautifully Dour

Listening to the Melbourne band's new demo is the musical equivalent of walking in light drizzle.
November 24, 2017, 2:10am
Photos supplied by band.

Judging by the background band posters, it would be easy to think that the above photo of Body Maintenance was taken somewhere in inner Melbourne in 1990.

A time when bands like Blue Ruin, The Hollow Men, Underground Lovers, Oxo Cubans, Not Drowning Waving, and The Breadmakers ruled the Melbourne indie music scene. But Body Maintenance have only been together a few months and their sound probably has more in common with the current crop of Sydney acts such as Low Life, Orion and Sex Tourists, than it does with any Melbourne indie rock.

A new four-song demo cassette utilises melody and mood to create a musical dankness.“Transit” has a cold bleakness that's made for listening to when travelling across a city on some mode of public transport while the opening "Ends" is pure dourness that includes a lyric of getting "dropped off down the road".

Though the band have only a few gigs under their belts they play in Melbourne this Saturday at MESMA Studios on a cool lineup that includes Publique and Bitumen.

Body Maintenance play Nov 25 in Melbourne at MESMA Studios.