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Kelela's "Blue Light" Visual Is Surreal and Arresting

It comes ahead o the US premiere of her short film 'ALL IT TOOK,' this Sunday.

Few performers are as magnetic as Kelela: she emanates a presence that forces you to pay attention to her, whether live, on screen, or in your headphones. Today, she uses that quality to her considerable advantage, sharing the video for "Blue Light", the second single off last month's debut album Take Me Apart.

In contrast to the clip for lead single "LMK," which was well-populated and party-centric, giving a referential nod to R&B and rap videos of the 1990s, the "Blue Light" visual sees Kelela standing alone against a blue backdrop. Over the duration, she slowly becomes engulfed by her own hair – a process beautifully paced by director Helmi – and it makes for a gorgeously surreal few minutes.

Considering how fascinating this short video manages to be, it's excellent news that we'll soon be seeing much more in the way of the visual from Kelela. She'll premiere a short film, ALL IT TOOK, this coming Sunday 12 November at New York City's New Museum. The film was announced with a trailer late last month, and will feature music from Take Me Apart, as well as what appears to be tour footage. Abundance, to be sure. See the "Blue Light" video above, and get very excited for the riches to come.

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