Monthly Horoscope: Leo, October 2018
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Monthly Horoscope: Leo, October 2018

What will Venus retrograde mean for you?
September 28, 2018, 2:27pm

Welcome to Libra season! This is sure to be a dramatic month, thanks to Venus retrograde in sexy and mysterious water sign Scorpio. October 2 already turns up the heat as communication planet Mercury squares off with Pluto, the planet of the underworld, to stir up all sorts of juicy information! You’re definitely taking action and making plans early this month under this energy and you know exactly what to say to get what you want—but be mindful of manipulation. Pluto can get involved in some shady business, and Mercury is the trickster planet; things get sticky when these two planets square off!


Venus begins its retrograde on October 5, lasting until November 16. Think back to September 3—that’s when Venus entered its pre-retrograde shadow period, so many of the themes that came up then will come up again for you to work with now. Big picture, think back to autumn 2010—that was the last time Venus was retrograde in Scorpio, and while I don’t want you to worry that history will repeat itself, I do want to guide you to reflect on the issues that you were working with back then. Scorpio is all about transformation—and you’ve grown so much in these last eight years. Venus retrograde wants you to reconsider what’s valuable and important to you at this new stage of your life.

Issues come, especially concerning the home and family, come up for you to work with. Venus in Scorpio can be jealous and, on a deeper level, might feel unworthy of love—Leo, have you had an experience of not feeling "enough" in your own home, or growing up in your early childhood? Now is the time to witness this part of yourself, to parent your inner-child the way they deserved, and to untangle how these early wounds are affecting your life choices now.

Venus is the planet of love, beauty, money, and values, and while it is retrograde, all these themes intensify, or feel more rigid or totally out of your grasp. Leo, you love your reflection, but even the mirror may be a stressful place for you as Venus retrograde finds you obsessing over what you see—and it'll be even worse if you hit the salon, because Venus retrograde is a terrible time for makeovers. How to deal? Don’t be hard on yourself. If you really feel the need to self-flagellate, pass a paddle to a lover to get consensually kinky with you—retrograde or not, Venus in Scorpio loves thrills.


A new moon in Libra arrives on October 8, bringing a fresh start around communication. While you may feel unclear about things or find yourself wishing for more information, you need to take things slowly, Leo. The information you need is coming, and this new moon in Libra marks the beginning of a new cycle. You might be in the dark now, but that’s okay…now is your time to plan, dream, and imagine. Mercury enters Scorpio on October 9, which will find you talking about lots of personal and emotional things. On a more mundane level, Mercury in Scorpio will also find you dealing with paperwork concerning your living situation.

Surprises pop up on October 10, as Mercury opposes Uranus and finds you having to balance your personal and public life artfully. Watch out for power struggles as the sun squares off with Pluto on October 12, but do reach out to mentors and people you look up to for help and advice as Mercury connects with Saturn, also on October 12. Mercury meets Venus retrograde on October 15, bringing critical insights, and your intuition enjoys a special boost as Mercury connects with Neptune on October 19—an especially powerful time to connect with your partners on an empathetic and emotional level.

Scorpio season begins on October 23, finding you eager to curl up at home and enjoy the company of your loved ones. However, the sun will oppose Uranus, also on October 23, bringing surprises that will likely pull you away from your cozy spaces. The full moon in Taurus arrives on October 24, bringing a big shift in your career—a climax around a project or goal arrives. If you’re not sure what you want to do with your career, the light of this full moon will certainly illuminate some things for you. If you’re in a witchy mood and want to cast a spell for increased fame and fortune, doing so in the period leading up to the full moon is a wonderful idea.

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You’re releasing big emotions at this time, not just because of the emotional intensity of the full moon, but also because of your sensitivity wrought by Venus retrograde, and on October 26, when the sun meets Venus retrograde, you will gain a deeper understanding about what all of this really means for you. So much change is in the air, but the sun connects with Saturn on October 27, which will help you feel anchored. Your daily routines are becoming a big source of comfort for you. Don’t have any daily habits you love? Perhaps start a meditation practice or go for a walk each day—something simple and free of electronics to help you reconnect with your body and mind.

Mercury meets the planet of expansion (and exaggeration!) Jupiter on October 29, so watch out for some big conversations that day. Mercury enters Sagittarius on October 31, finding you in a much more playful mood than you've been in recently. Creativity is flowing and you’re in the mood to flirt and socialize! More surprises land on Halloween, as Venus opposes Uranus, and again you find yourself needing to balance your personal and public life. You’re ready to be seen in a new light, Leo. You’re tired of the same persona you’ve been living—both at home and at work. Maybe you want to be able to build an altar in your bedroom without your roommates thinking it’s weird, or maybe you’re tired of being the person everyone at work goes to with issues because they know you’ll solve them—you want freedom! Have you been playing along with a situation just to avoid making waves? You’re over it! This will also manifest in your relationships, as you find yourself eager to try something new. Venus reenters Libra on October 31, shifting the energy around communication when it comes to love and money, as the things you value in communication are shifting. Good luck this month, dear lion, and see you in November!