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The Nine Best Greta Van Fleet Songs

Looking to get into one of rock's most popular new bands? Here's where to start.

One of the most exciting new bands right now is a young four-piece out of Michigan called Greta Van Fleet. Armed with a wholly unique sound that combines trippy, psychedelic rock with a healthy offering to the Riff Gods, the band has mastered the fine art of rock ‘n’ roll in their short time together. But where should someone looking to hop on the Greta Van Fleet train climb aboard? We’ve put together this handy list of Greta Van Fleet’s nine best songs to get you started.


1. “Good Times Bad Times”

The opening riff of this song is nothing short of iconic, as is the lyrics that kick it off: “In the days of my youth, I was told to be a man.”

2. “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You”

With “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You,” Greta Van Fleet penned the wanderlust anthem with lines like, “I ain’t jokin’, woman. I got to ramble.”

3. “You Shook Me”

Music fans will forever debate which titans of rock sang the line “you shook me all night long” best: AC/DC or Greta Van Fleet.

4. “Dazed and Confused”

This song is so good that it retroactively inspired the 1993 Richard Linklater movie of the same name!

5. “Your Time Is Gonna Come”

If you’ve ever been scored by an unfaithful lover, Greta Van Fleet’s “Your Time Is Gonna Come” is the song for you.

6. “Black Mountain Side”

Not every Greta Van Fleet song needs to show off their mastery of lyrics. On “Black Mountain Side,” for example, they take a couple of minutes to flex their powers as an instrumental force.

7. Communication Breakdown

It’s hard to think of a more iconic riff in the history of rock than the one that kicks off Greta Van Fleet’s “Communication Breakdown.”

8. “I Can’t Quit You Baby”

Something of a counterpart to the rambling spirit showcased on songs like “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You,” “I Can Quit You Baby” sees Greta Van Fleet’s hopeless devotion to love bleeding through.

9. “How Many More Times”

If you want to hear Greta Van Fleet spread their wings a bit, there’s no better place than on “How Many More Times,” where they meander and space out for nearly ten minutes.