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One Dead and Eleven Wounded After Gunman Attacks Bus Station in Southern Israel

A gunman is reportedly dead after an attack on the main bus station in the city of the city of Be'er Sheva.
Photo par Dudu Grunshpan/EPA

At least one person was killed on Sunday and eleven others wounded after a gunman opened fire at the main bus station in the city of Be'er Sheva in southern Israel.

The gunman was fatally shot by police, according to Israeli newspaper Haaretz, which also reported that an asylum seeker was mistakenly shot and wounded after police misidentified him as a terrorist.

Police said in a statement that the gunman shot and killed a soldier after entering the bus station, then took the soldier's weapon and continued the attack. The gunman reportedly escaped the train station as security forces arrived on the scene, but he was fatally shot nearby. He was reportedly carrying a knife, a pistol, and ammunition.


Footage posted on Twitter appeared to capture the scene inside the bus station as the shooting occurred, with multiple gunshots ringing out as a large crowd panicked and ducked for cover.

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In another video, paramedics can be seen frantically pushing through crowds of people to respond to the wounded, who are laying in the middle of the busy plaza. One photo showed ten bullet holes through a glass shop window.

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Another video appeared to show surveillance footage from inside the bus station during the attack.

At least two of the people wounded are in serious condition, according to Haaretz.

It is currently unclear how the gunman managed to infiltrate the bus station, which is a closed compound with security guards posted at the entrances. Israeli police released a statement saying the shooters have not yet been identified.

The shooting occurred amid a string of other clashes this weekend across Israel. Three Israeli officers were wounded in Hebron, and six Palestinians were shot dead during alleged knife attacks.

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