The Story of 'The End of the World,' One of the First Ever Viral Videos

We met up with creator Jason Windsor to hear the video's origin story and talk about its long-awaited sequel.

Jason Windsor’s "The End of the World" was never meant to end up on the internet. Somehow, in 2003, a user got a hold of it and posted it to eBaum's world, where—in a flash—the low-budget, animated video quickly became one of the first ever clips to go viral. "The End of the World" (or "End of Ze World," as it's commonly known) made its way to YouTube and around the web, gaining millions of views and spawning catchphrases that left an indelible mark on internet slang, long before the rise of the hashtag.


On this episode of The Story Of, VICE meets up with Jason to hear what went into creating "The End of the World," and to talk about his newly released sequel: “End of Ze World… Probably for Real this Time.”

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