Lykke Li’s “deep end” Video Is a Masterpiece of Selfie Art

Shot nearly entirely by Lykke Li, the clip for her 'so sad so sexy' track chronicles a particularly wild night that she had.
May 21, 2018, 1:41am

Lykke Li, only a couple of weeks out from dropping her new album so sad so sexy (Yes, that’s really the name! Incredible, right?), has released a video for “deep end,” one of the record’s three singles so far. But it’s not just any video: following in the steps of Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift, Li has released this as a ‘vertical video,' aka it’s the shape of your phone screen. Realistically, all videos will look like this in the future, I guess, so get used to it!


The “deep end” video is particularly good because in addition to being vertical, it’s actually pretty cool! Shot nearly entirely by Li, the clip chronicles a particularly wild night that she had. A lot of the clip is Li mugging at the camera, taking beautiful selfies––both front camera and mirror selfies––in various different types of lighting. It’s incredibly well done, honestly. I would truly pay to take selfies that good. Watch “deep end” above. Between this and her wonderful video for "utopia", Lykke Li is really upping her video game this cycle.

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