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Naked protesters showed up to Parliament and glued their bums to security glass

And it wasn't even about Brexit.

The week is young, and there have already been bare-assed protesters in the U.K.’s House of Commons.

To be sure, the 12 protesters that showed up for a Brexit debate Monday night had nothing to do with debates surrounding alternative proposals to leave the EU. They came, instead, to highlight climate change.

Still, they caused a bit of a stir as the MPs tried to reach some sort of resolution after Parliament refused to approve Prime Minister Theresa May’s plan last week — for the third time.


Britain is scheduled to leave the EU in 11 days, but still doesn’t have a plan for how that might work.

When May’s plan was rejected, again, on Friday, she told Parliament “I fear we are reaching the limits of this process in this house.”

Monday wasn’t much better, with MPs attempting to debate a deal while the protesters glued their buttocks to the security glass walling of gallery visitors from politicians. They were removed about 30 minutes after they arrived. In some circumstances, security officers had to use soap and water to remove the glue. One MP seemed relatively pleased with the ordeal.

“Parliament just got a little more nuts,” Tory MP James Heappey wrote on Twitter Monday.

All 12 protesters were arrested for “outraging public decency,” according to the Mirror.

Cover image: Extinction Rebellion/Twitter