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Sci-Fi Author Ann Leckie Talks Trump, Tea, and the 'Ancillary Justice' Series

The award-winning sci-fi novelist's new book 'Provenance' is due out September 26.
Image: Ann Leckie

A far-flung space empire on the verge of internal collapse? Check. A multi-body artificial intelligence that calls all people "she"? Si. Tea? Of course. These are just some of the aspects of sci-fi author Ann Leckie's award-winning Imperial Radch book series, which started with her debut novel Ancillary Justice in 2013.

Ahead of her new book Provenance, which will be available on September 26, Leckie stopped by the Motherboard HQ in Brooklyn to discuss the series with us for a Facebook Live video broadcast and a new episode of Radio Motherboard, which we're premiering today.

During the course of our conversation, we spoke to Leckie about everything from the proprietary tea blends inspired by her books, to politics in the real world. She also addressed the precarious position of women in sci-fi, and why writing a gender irrelevant novel proved surprisingly difficult. Have a listen and read an exclusive excerpt of her new novel on Terraform, Motherboard's home for original sci-fi.

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